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I Forge Iron

My pride and Joy.....


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This is a sword that i forged last fall. Its blade is a piece of a specialty steel produced by a local steel company. It is about a .6% carbon content and a high manganese content. The sword is 52 inches overall, with a 40 inch blade. The guard and pommel are plain mild steel. On one side of the pommel is stamped a 4, and on the other is a 12. Its name is Evraious, a variation of the Greek word for "hebrews".... The name and the two numbers are a reference to one of my favorite scripture verses.... Hebrews 4:12......... I loosely based its design on a Scottish claymore. Cuts through jugs of water like they are not there :) 



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Its really not as bad as you might think.... I started with 1/4 inch stock, but after all the forging, and grinding, the finished sword only weighs between 5 and 6 lbs on my bathroom scale. That is historically within the weight range of claymores.... It is long, but not overly heavy to handle. When i am outside, it is easy to swing and control the blade without being pulled off balance...... But there are a few knicks in my ceiling from where i forgot how long the blade was :/

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