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I Forge Iron

Blue fire


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Greetings Kyotie,


Sounds like by this thread you have been a busy boy...  Looking at your forge... Do you have an ash gate???   Looks like you are pumping a lot of air into your forge.....  You will also need a better system for the air inlet.. It looks like your coal could fall down the tube.....   What kind of coal are you using ???


Best take a look at other brake drum forges on this sight...


Keep going....     Jim

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Coatings burning off are probably dangerous. I'm pretty leery of coatings when I forge or weld.


Might be worth clarifying why fire looks like it does: carbon burns blue. Hence the blue flame for your propane torch. However, soot (little pieces of carbon - and other junk - that didn't burn) glows from incandescence. So, that's where the yellow to white colors come in. Carbon burns blue and heats up soot which glows yellow to white.


So, saying you have a blue flame is kinda normal. If you had some vapors well mixed with oxygen you could get a flame much like a torch (which is well mixed O2 and hydrocarbon compounds).



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