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I Forge Iron

1st one :)


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so I have some coil springs laying around so I thought I would hammer out a knife. I also made a sheath but it was out of thin leather, it will work for now but ill make another one when I get some better leather. But I had a lot of fun making it, left all the hammer marks in it to give it some character. All in all I like it, and learned from it :)





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Looks like a handy little knife, good grip, maybe watch out on your index  finger if it gets close to the blade when doing something.

Really good shape for a first blade, looks like you seem to understand blade dynamics for metal movement (as you didnt end up with a sharpened banana looking thing) :D 

Hard to see from pic but it looks like you are going to be cutting the thread with your knife when you put it it (unless you added a middle sandwich layer that I cant see.

Keep at it tho, looks like you will be pumping out some nice stuff 

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Looks good, usually use leaf springs myself but lately have been using the coil springs. Think I might be making my blades a bit thinner and wider than you however. I am also using my bench grinder to put a finger grove then a flat section then start the bevel. 

Am making one where it only holds the heat for about 10 seconds before going black. Blade is about 200mm long and 2-3mm wide.

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don't think the artificial sinew will get cut I jb welded it before i put the holes in for the sinew so there is space.. and if it dose get cut oh well I want to make another one anyway. I didn't put anything on the paracord that way it is still usable if i need to take it off for something, and there is a 2nd lair of paracord underneath with the threads taken out so if I take the top lair off there is still some grip to it. 

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