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Hello everyone I am from mid coast Maine and I just recently picked up a old Buffalo Forge riveters forge and am in the process of cleaning and repainting it. I am getting very interested in blacksmithing and am looking forward to getting started!

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Hey Dr94,

Welcome to the madness, I'm confident you will enjoy the journey.

Maine is prime smithing country. We.have an abundance of scrap sources, experienced smiths that will lend a suggestion or two and an art community that encourages all sorts of undertakings.

Maine is home to many recognized smiths, more than few in your own back yard. We also have The New England School of Metalwork, under the direction of Derek Glazier, which is located in Auburn. The school is world class, no nonsense and it fits the needs of all students or experienced smiths looking to better their metalworking skills. Dereck is a top of the line professional smith and an educator, you will not go wrong there. The short intense courses and workshops are perfect for working smiths and students alike.

Get on board with the New England Blacksmiths Association. They keep up a data base of local smiths, they have quarterly meets and they are a good source for tooling and technical support. NEBA poc would be Bob Menard at the Ball and Chain Forge in Portland.

My own forge, Carrabassett Valley Forge, is located in western Maine. PM me if you have any questions and welcome aboard.


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Thank you all for the warm welcome everyone. I am excited to start learning. Thank you petere76 for the info on The New England School of Metalwork. I will for sure look into this as well as the association. 

Now I just need to find an anvil somewhere and get going! 

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