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any guesses as to this things identity?

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Hi. I found an anvil for sale not too far from where i am and I'm hoping you all can help my figure out what this fella is. The only info the seller has up is that it's 160# and made in the US. No idea if that's at all accurate. I've never seen a(for lack of a better word) growth like that on the horn before. I'm going to head out to give it a look this saturday. 


Hope you guys can help.






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You use the clip in making horse shoes.  Looks nice, I'd buy it.  Once it is yours, then with some cleaning we can figure out what it is.  I wouldn't NOT buy it based off if I don't know if it is a Trenton or Hay Budden.  That would be like not buying a car because you don't know if the color of it is Black, or Deep Black!

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 I believe that this is a definate twin of my own 1908 Hay Budden . If you compare photos,they seem to be just about identical. The top arangement (two pritchel holes,hardy hole) is also matching. Buy it ! It's a wonderful anvil,you won't regret it . Also,check for a serial number on the base ,directly under the horn.

            Cheers !


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I see the diamond and vote Trenton too---a picture of the bottom will seal the deal though.


Both T and H-B are top notch anvils and the clip does not interfere with non-farrier work and may be a positive option depending on what you plan to do.


If the price is not excessive BUY IT NOW!   (A good priced anvil is often on the market only for a couple of hours before being sold!)

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