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  1. Ha, it's funny that all of us were taught the same thing but none of us were taught why. Well, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one in the dark. I came to roughly the same conclusions you guys did, not wanting a lightly roasted hand or to ignite the lighter, but I was hoping to dig up something a little more concrete. Has anyone ever heard of an accident happening with a lighter? Other than losing a few knuckle hairs I mean. I never had much use for them anyway.
  2. Hey everybody, I've got a question. I was taught to never light a blowtorch with an open flame, always use a striker or sparker. It made sense to me at the time and I never questioned it. I just told my assistant not to use a lighter and he asked me why, and I had nothing to tell him other then I was taught not to. So I didn't tell him that, I just rolled my eyes and sent him to go tidy up the scrap pile until he figured it out. Now I'm asking you folk, is there any reason not to use an open flame? Or was the fella who taught me crazy? Something I'm more than willing to believe. Thanks a lot, Adam
  3. The heat shield won't. That's just there to help deflect some of the heat pouring from the fire from directly affecting the grip. The wet rag that was suggested will do the same, perhaps better. The drip can, if setup to bleed onto the haft between the grip and the head, should help with preventing the heat from climbing the handle too high. I found the drip can idea in a book, possibly called the Art of Blacksmithing. It's been a while and I don't have it handy. Adam
  4. Ok great, I'll check out both of those. Thanks fellas.
  5. Try this. Punch a small hole in the bottom of a paint can and fill it with water. Suspend the can over the edge of your fire so that the stream falls on the part you want cool, just make sure it drains away from your fire. Be careful, if you leave that can there it will get hot, so use caution when refilling it. Another thing that may help is a small heat shield. A piece of sheet with a notch cut in it wide enough to accommodate the handle. This may help protect the rubber from direct flame. Don't be afraid to ruin your work piece, we all do from time to time. Adam
  6. Hi all. I'm building a new forge and the highest rated fire blanket I can find locally is pegged at 2300 f (1260 c). Is this a problem? I know the forge is likely exceed that, and my concern is that I'll be breathing in vaporised blanket. Or will that never happen and the only problem is heat seepage, solved by doubling the blanket? Thanks, Adam
  7. Well I learned something new today. I know nothing of a farrier's work, what is the purpose of a clip horn? So if it has a dished bottom its a trenton?
  8. Hi. I found an anvil for sale not too far from where i am and I'm hoping you all can help my figure out what this fella is. The only info the seller has up is that it's 160# and made in the US. No idea if that's at all accurate. I've never seen a(for lack of a better word) growth like that on the horn before. I'm going to head out to give it a look this saturday. Hope you guys can help. Thanks Adam
  9. Thanks for the tips. I guess I should start figuring out how to make an interesting bottle opener. The event organisers have recommended a $100 price cap; apparently people have shown up in previous years with $200-300 items and not sold anything. The show is in Oakville, Ontario. I'm looking forward to see how this goes. Adam
  10. Hello everyone. In about a month I will be setting up my first venders table at a craft fair, and I'm looking for some advice. I've got a number of larger items made up already and I'm looking for ideas for quick to make table filler type stuff. I don't have a ton time to work on things right now so the easier it is to make the better. Any of you who have done this before, do you have a good idea what sells well at this type of show? What price range should I aim for? I've been forging for a few years now but I've never set up a booth before. Any advice at all would he welcome. Thanks, Adam
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