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Sandblaster Problem


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My sandblaster [cabinet model] has stopped working properly.


The only way it will do anything except blow air is if I cover the nozzle and give it a little air for a second. Then it will work for a few seconds but even then it pulses, spitting instead of a smooth flow. It stops blowing sand within a minute or so.


I took off the tip to clean it but it was not plugged.

I reversed the tip and that did not help.


I made more holes in the pickup tube and that didn't help.


I taped the end of the pickup tube off, and that didn't help.


I swapped the pickup tube end for end and that didn't help


Every time I pull the pickup tube from the sand the tube is full.


I took some sand out and that didn't help.


I added more sand and that didn't help.


I replaced the factory gun a couple years ago and it has worked just fine since then. I have been very pleased with it until today.

The only other thing I can think to try is empty the cabinet completely and refill with new media.




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At school, we have this problem repeatedly. Usually flakes of paint, rust or slag from dirty metal fall in the media, once a handful of chewed sunflower hulls. :o Any foreign matter bigger than a grain of salt will do to plug the line.


Completely disassemble the gun, blow it out with compressed air. If you can sight down the pick-up hose for obstructions, fine, if not run a coat hanger thru the pickup line to be sure. Drain and run every last speck of media thru a dollar store colander often. Replace when contamination is evident, or if no longer sharp enough to do a reasonable job. Enough rust will attract moisture and form lumps.

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My suggestions mirror Johns. Clean the system, run the media through screen wire, and make sure it is bone dry. 


Oh yes, keep the cat far away. They like to add *things*, both solid and liquid, to the media when you are not looking.

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