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Sorry I haven't been around for a bit guys....life was beginning to get too busy for anything but work. We recently had a flood and lost everything. We had frends that lost their daughter, and another that had herself and her son get burns over 40% of his body. So I do count my family as lucky. About 100 families, including mine, lost their homes. I ask for nothing but a prayer if you've a moment to spare. Just a short one. Tell God i'm strong enough, and that i'd just like a short break.

Thanks, and forgive me if i don't check back in for a bit...I can't always get to a computer.

Forgive me for not cleaning up a bit...seem to have mispaced my...everything.
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Haltom city residents clean up after flood

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Candidquality, So Sorry to here.
Knee mail on the way from our family to yours and all those affected! Prayers that God will keep you and yours safe and give you strenght to build a new. There are times we just can't understand how God works or why, but it is all in his hands. Have faith, That what he brings you to...He will bring you through!
Tim and Anna Marie

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You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

From personal experience, I know the turmoil caused by a flood. Growing up, my family and I weathered several floods. We finally moved away from that backwater/backup area and creek in 1985. Then, in June 1998, my mother and stepfather were hit with a freak flood. Imagine my surprise when, as a member of the local fire dept., I get called out for flood duty and someone tells you, "OH, THAT neighborhood is under water." Pretty sick feeling watching your families home serve as the split in the channel, with parts of other peoples homes from upstream piling up against it. Luckily, no one was hurt or killed in that one, although hundreds of homes were damaged and/or lost completely.

Keep the faith, perservere, and remember theres always calm after the storm. When you are at your worst, things can only get better!


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You have been in our prayers even though I didn't realize you were involved. We live a few miles south of you in Alvarado Texas. Let's get together sometime. But also if you need anything at all that we can help with, we'll be there. Just drop us a private message and I'll be in touch. Or you can e-mail me at jmetals@hotmail.com .

May God bless and keep you and yours,

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Thanks, Thought i'd drop in for a quick update. We have a small apartment for now while we hunt for a house somewhere outside the city, so I can make as much smoke as I want without bothering the neighbors. We've had the basics donated to us through friends locally and at work. I do truly appreciate the help from everyone here. Apparently the kneemail was received, as we are starting to be able to breathe a little bit. I've seen some really great people thanks to this, and some I thought better of, I now think a little less of. But all in all it's reminded me of how much I treasure the friends I've had the time to make. Thanks again for all the help, and thanks mostly for the support. Really means a lot.

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