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What type of steel are big rig brake drums made of ?

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Bolts are one of things I keep my eye open for at scrapyards, especially "expensive ones".  It's amazing how many new unused bolts get tossed. And I keep a 1/2" drive breaker bar in the truck for extracting good ones still retired in place.  

I will admit my stuff tends to not look clean and pristine; but it will hold together and at 20 US cents a pound not be expensive to build!  I guess I could paint it if it bothered me...

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Yea, right before this project I was at a garage sale and they had half a bucket of large bolts of course where I immediately coveted them.   But then that little jerk on my shoulder said.... you are going to get those, do nothing with them and trip over them in the shop for 6 months before scrapping them.   Unfortunately I listened to him, and a month later I was in the fastener shop buying brand new bolts.  Now I try to leave the jerk at home.

Wow, that’s great Crew!  I will send you a note.

On 11/17/2019 at 7:47 AM, Jim Coke said:

 Nice set up . Do you know that the rear portion of your vise swivels when the pin is removed. It looks like it has not moved in a long time. Prentiss vices are great. 

Yes!  I love swivel vises. I think this one is from about 1926.  I really like Prentiss, it’s a brand that seems pretty uncommon in TX.   I have not removed the pin on this one.  I tried initially and it’s wedged pretty good, but didn’t want to force it.  I have a smaller one with a swivel jaw that moves very smooth and use that when I have an odd shape.

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