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Banding an anvil stump?

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Cut 2 pieces of angle iron the width of your strapping. Drill a hole in each. Weld one angle iron to one end of the banding and wrap it around the stump. Measure so it has a gap and cut and weld the other piece of angle iron to the end. Put a bolt in the holes and tighten. Round the edges of the angle iron so you do not injure yourself.

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I can't get a picture up,'but I'll try and describe my method. I use 1" x 3/32" strapping (I have in abundance) I bend 6" to 90 degrees. I then double the double over the 90 degree section so it is 1" double thickness with a 4" single tail. I then bend the tail back 90 degrees so I have a 1" doubled projection sticking up 90 degrees from the bare and a 4" tail (I make the tail 2" for smaller objects, like the top rails on my round pen) now take the measurement around the stump and add 1/2" or 1". Double the last inch over and bend it up 90 degrees just like the other projection. Drill both projections for 5/16" grade 5 or better bolts (1/4" for smaller). I use washers on the bolts. When installed you can nail the tail down if you wish and the other end will ride over it. You will need a long bolt, as if you try and fit the strap to close the ends will come together and you will be lose, or will not be able to adjust later when the stump shrinks.

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