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Sounds a bit high but as many have said before an anvil is worth what you are willing to pay. Around here, Pennsylvania, $2 a pound is pretty common and deals can be found for less than that. My most recent two have been a 180# Hay Budden in great condition for $1.50 / pound and a 130# Trenton for $100. I don't know what your supply of anvils is in Alberta but that will also dictate if that is a good deal or not. At the end of the day, if you have the money and you want it buy it. If you want to post a photo we can give you a more educated answer. Just remember, it is your first one and I don't know anyone who just has one. Also many of us have bought dozens of anvils over the years so once you buy the first they have a way of multiplying.

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Try to find out exactly how it was "re-finished". It may have been destroyed, lots of people weld up old chipped anvils and do it wrong, or they just have the whole face milled/ground off until its flat again. A PW is a steel faced anvil with soft iron under the face. If it was milled down then the face may be to thin to be any good. Also "re-finishing" a anvil is generally the last resort to fix one that is pretty much trashed. The price is pretty high, what most people in the US would expect to pay for a anvil in great original condition. Not one that was repaired.

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