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I Forge Iron

Bonjour from France


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Hi everyone, my name is Phil, I am originally from the UK but I now live in South west France.
My wife and I run a horse livery business, a holiday gite and we are renovating an old fortified chateaux (just a pile of rocks really)

Just started forging and really love this forum.
I have built a gas forge from some kiln insulating bricks, I have made a couple of things to start with (a small fire poker, and a door knocker) and I am quite pleased how they have turned out.

Now I know why I have been saving all that scrap metal that a farm accumulates over the years, just couldn't bare to throw it away or weigh it in!
Anyway - loads to learn

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Welcome aboard Phil, glad to have you. Those are pretty nice pieces for a first attempt, heck there really isn't much to critique even. Well maybe you'll want a longer fire poker unless you build itty bitty fires of course.

I see you already have the spirit, we LOVE pictures and I'd like to see your forge as well as the country around your place.

Frosty The Lucky.

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