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  1. Awesome, great character, if I was receiving them as a gift I would be amazed, well done.
  2. Pretty awsome work! I will never throw away another bandsaw blade!
  3. Wow, amazing work. You could find an old tractor rear wheel center for the bath if you want. A lot of hard work has gone into that, well done!
  4. Great finish love the notch's on the blade, Phil
  5. I like making bottle openers, they get a lot of use in our house, well done.
  6. can taste the cider already, well done, I love the attention to detail, good luck with the cider.
  7. Fantastic work, nicely finished, well done.
  8. Hey, great work, scales on his back too.
  9. Brilliant work, I must get back on the forge, thanks for showing us. Phil
  10. Hi, I live in France and these sort of hammers seem to be readily available for sale second hand at around 1000 to 1500 Euros (about 1200 to 1750 dollars). I have never seen one in action, or even up close, just seen them on internet auction sites. Has anyone any experience in using one ? Cheers Phil
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