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2nd Knife attempt


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Hello everybody.
Been trying my 2nd attempt to make a descent knife while i was working with the sword ( i will post pics with further progress of the sword later in the summer) and so far i have the following results as shown in the pics. i am at the stage of heat treatment ( hardening tempering) and then fine grinding and polishing. Everything you see is hand made thus the rough sides etc. i am working on a wooden sheath made from ash wood and the handle is oak wood. i know i should make them out from the same wood to look better but i forgot it completely. anyway. Hope you all guys like it. i'll keep posting pics of my progress. Any comments welcome.



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Thank you all for the comments. As for the gap it is visible because the blade is not yet finished. i haven't glued anything together.. i will put a pommel kind cup at the end of the grip to tight everything together. (i hope to). then sanding painting varnish the handle etc. so there is still a long way ahead to finish it.the pics show the state after the rough grinding of the blade. nothing is finished yet. :) so more pics will follow :)

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Well everyone here's the completed blade. Sheath and handle and all glued together and fitted tight. I used cord to the sheath to give it a small decoration and also provide an extra carry method with the extra cord that can be straped around leg or however the carrier desires it to. It has a bit of flaws etc but since this is my 2nd amateur knife made mostly by hand and no high equipment i am pretty satisfied with the result. The handle is oak wood and the sheath is ash wood. the blade is made from old leaf spring (prolly 5160) hand forged and heat treated as 5160 steel with no surprises while quenching :)
I hope you like the result. thanks to all of you guys in here that gave me tips and instuctions to improve myself and finish this knife. Dedicated to all of you that helped me at the chat :) Cheers.


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George Your metal work is reallllllly nice. Since I know you work with a makeshift anvil and very basic tools. This piece truly shows your abillity as a baldesmith. you have a feel for form with your blades and the persistance to finish them properly. It is a pleasure to see your work...

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