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Fancy Pants vise for the new guy


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How's it going.

My name is Jeremy, and I am new to the forum. I have never really been part of one before so I might not be up on etiquette.

I am pretty new to smithing, but have formed metal in my spare time for a few years. I picked up this vise from a local kid that said it had been on his family's property for a very long time. When I got it, I was not able to turn the screw and was a little turned off. But looking at the box (I think thats what you call it) I was keyed up on taking a chance. It appears to be made of brass. Then I saw that there was an iron ring around the end of the box. I had never seen (nor have I ever looked) one made with brass and figured I would grab it.

I soaked it for about a week and hit it with low heat before I could get it to budge. Eventually I got it completely free. I did not get a mount or a spring with the vise. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify it, age it, value etc. It might just be a POS. I don't know, but I like it.

I will be making a mount and fitting a spring soon I'm sure. Not having a vise out in my smithy area sucks.

Thanks for having me,


Im sorry, but I will have to get my pics to photobucket and put them in that way.

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Posting pictures is under "more reply options" and often times the site has been glitching and only allowing "small" pictures to upload. Try resizing to 800x600 or 400x300 and upload.

To the best of my knowledge there is no such thing as a POS post vise, except a broken one. Some are meant for lighter duty than others, and some are in better condition than others.

Some older ones have composite screws and screw boxes, they are made out of wrapped iron, a tube, and other fittings, then brazed together. Similarly some are repaired by a new box being turned on a lathe out of whatever material was on hand.

Welcome aboard!


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I have seen a few solid brass boxes on vises. I always assumed they were replacements of worn out ones but who knows. Were they one offs? Was someone making them for resale or was there a vise maker that used a brass box. I remember seeing 3 or 4 over the years. I owned one at one point. I don't remember seeing any markings on it.

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Thanks for the welcome and the help on adding the photos. Hopefully the pictures will tell it better than me. The box is solid and it all looks like an original setup. Maybe just a one-off. I really like that there is a ring fitted around the end of the box which I would assume was to protect it.

Also, any idea what I should do about that white patina that has it covered?

Thanks for taking a look guys.

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The anvil manufacturer SODERFORS of Sweden used to make leg vises, they were always out-fitted with brass/bronze box nuts, they also sold replacement box nuts and box screws .. the vise you have in the photos is no where close to what a Soderfors leg vise looks like, but it could possibly have a replacement box nut.. I know some other manufacturers offered replacements, but I'm not certain if they were brass or not..

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