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Whaddya think, any guesses?

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I am going to guess there is close to 100# of anvil left. As long as it is solidly fastened that will work just fine.

It is a fix, there are a number of documented anvils that fail at the waist weld, several others are posted here on IFI. They seem to be "newer" forged anvils, say early 20th century, when some companies transitioned to the lower half of the anvil being cast steel. This is based on other broken anvils that have been posted.

I would put it to use and not think too hard about it. You have the working parts and they are in good shape. If you are buying/selling this anvil I would expect it to go cheaper, but well above scrap (say $1/lb, maybe less here in Ohio).


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One thing to check is to see if it "walked out in a lunch pail" if so it may not have been heat treated yet; so try the ball bearing test. If it's go and the price is appropriate go for it!

My "wall of shame" has an anvil base, (Probably a PW according to Postman), missing the entire top section---but it's weight stamped so it once was a complete anvil.

As stamping anvils was usually done towards the end of their forging an unstamped one might not have got that far...

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After I learned that one of the anvil manufacturers in Columbus OH had a row of completed anvils along side the steep river bank when they shut down I tracked down the location---just in case. None visible and the "river bed" was about 40% old steel bits. I did find a dozen or so old grindstones used to surface the anvil faces and rolled down into the river when they got too small (say 3' to 4' in diameter and 1' wide)

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