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Straight line bench shears

Sam Salvati

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I have one. It is good to cut sheet metal (mine is 16 ga) and with little more effort, you can cut 1/8" plate. I never tried plate larger than 2". There is also a hole to cut 1/2" rod in the middle of the blade. I can cut easily 3/8" bar in that same hole but I must say that my shear isn't solidly bolted on a heavy bench. It is only bolted to a wood beam on the floor, so I can't work with 1/2". IMHO it is good for the price.

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dang this thing's HUGE! cut some small stuff to try it out but it's not mounted so no big stuff. It's STOUT, bigger and thicker then I thought it would be. well worth the 100$ IMO

plus, the chingrish instruction manual was worth the price all on it's own LOL









Really wanted to test how thick a piece it could cut so I tried it out:


Yup it works!!!!!!!!



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Nice looking shear! Looks like a deal for $100.

I wonder if that blade was flame hardened in some way?

I don't have first hand experience on a shear exactly like that. I do have an older style one that's similar (it might be German made). Works fine on material up to 1/8 not the best for really thin material though.

Happy shearing


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I've got the same one except my is badged by Jet. I like the hold down on yours much better then mine. The Jet has a folded piece of 1/8" for the hold down with very little adjustment. Pretty durable tools. I use mine daily and have yet to repair/replace anything. Mine is about 5 yrs old. If I remember correctly they are rated 3/16 plate/bar and 1/2" round. Definitely need strong mounts when going to capacity. I have a receiver tube in my layout table that it slips in. Just be ready for the break when shearing though 1/2". Takes quite a bit of force. I've almost ended up on my back.....

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Nice shear Sam. However if I saw you put your fingers in any shear in my shop I'd 86 you so fast all you'd leave is a POP! I know you were just joking but one of those things will maim you in an instant and unless you had someone else right there right then . . .

NEVER do something like that again or I'll catch a flight down and slap the crap out of you!.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Heck Sam you don't need to set such a bad example for the less tool savy folk and kids, just buy a ticket, I'll visit and no slappin necessary. Well, maybe a couple brews but nothing serious. Shwoopin? Is that slappin down frothy beer? Mmmmmm.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I am of the school of thought that (and a student of that specific school), if you are dumb enough to be dumb, then you won't be dumb long cause you will learn the lesson the hard way and really learn it and not be dumb again.

I might make it up to the great white north sometime maybe in the next bit of time here and you can bet I will come for a visit and some brews! I think I'll like Alaska better then you'll like NY hehe

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