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Anvil ID please. New Member

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Hey there!

Only recently came across this site when I was researching info on a recent anvil purchase. Looks like a great site to add to my reading list as I spend a lot of time on machining forums but would like to do more blacksmithing and casting.

I picked up this anvil a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought it was a base cut from a standard anvil but after doing some reading it doesnt seem to uncommon to find hornless anvils like these. There are some numbers on the side which I hear sometimes are a weigh identification but these dont seem to make sense. There are also the two U shapes above left and right.

The anvil has several hardie holes on the sides and bottom. I have never seen anyone use side holes, is there any info or photos of them in use. Would the hole on the bottom be used to located the anvil on a stump to keep it from moving?

All info appreciated. Im in New Zealand if it helps.






I remember finding another number. I think a 5 in between the U's. Will get a photo of that later.

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This is known as a saw maker's anvil. The "hardie" holes you are refering to are actually handling holes that were used to handle the anvil while it was being made. Very nice anvil and in good shape. As to the #'s I would think that they are the serial # which would give the date the anvil was made. Good score!

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I think you'll find that this is a sawmaker's anvil. The square holes are there so that bars could be inserted in them to enable the anvil to be moved around when it when it was being made ( as it was rather hot). The two "U"s are probably zeros, part of a simple but coded weight numbering system (first number x 112lbs, second number x28lbs, third number lbs.). I.e., hundredweights, quarters of a hundredweight, and pounds. The second number is either 1,2, or 3. If your middle number is 3, then that equates to a weight of 3x28=84lb. Would that be about right?

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This Anvil is very similar to one I own which is made by Hadfield and Sanderson, Sheffield. They are handling holes and not Hardies I agree with the gentlemen above. I'd guess by size...........Mine has a 6X12 face and 12" high ,slightly larger at the base. the weight on mine was 392.....1 cubic foot of cast steel weighs about 750LB. Good luck getting this anvil to talk! Nice score just the same. Enjoy your new sawmasters anvil!

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That's great! Thanks for all the info. I did a little reading and seems sawmakers anvils we're used to straighten and level saw blades?

Anyway here are some more pictures. Yes, the middle number is a 3 so I guess 84lbs which seems about right.

Any idea of a rough date for this?



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Cast steel is .283 lbs/inch cubed...My norrisez is stamped 033 and weighed in at 85.....don't make me a liar for two pounds. Either way that is in good shape and I'm jealous. Keep cleaning you may find a makers mark! Very similar in shape to my Hadfield and Sanderson which I searched and found to be Circa 1840! Have we done a spark test???

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