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Horizontal hydraulic press - self build?


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Hi guys, I'm interested in building a horizontal press like these:




Anyone ever done it? There isn't much out there in internet land about their construction (under the cover panels). I'd like to build a fairly big one - say 100T. Its the guides etc that I'm wondering about. Any thoughts on the best way to approach it?

Cheers, Al.

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Thanks Macbruce - very interesting. What are the specs - stroke length / tonnage etc?

Looks simple enough. Do you have any better pics of the guides? Its hard to see how the ram end (the moving end) is supported below the ram centreline - is there any support down below what's visible, or is it just left with a significant torque acting at the point where the pushing tool is mounted to the ram? Have you experienced any problems with it flexing? Is the tooling changeable?

Is there anything you would change about the design / functionality?

Many thanks for your help, Al.

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.................. This tread tells alot about it. I thik it's around 10-12 ton, 6'' stroke, 400lb or so. The power pac is an off the shelf unit that produces at least 2500psi and they can be had lots of places..........One thing I would do differently is to put another set of holes for the pins in between the main two on the table so the spread would resemble a funnel. I believe the cyl is 5''.
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I was thinking of doing the same thing then I found a 35t one on Kijiji.http://blacksmith.org/forums/threads/1785-New-bulldozer-type-bender The Euromac bender uses a slot in the table with hardened guides. The guide system is similar to Macbruce's press. Those JD2 benders look pretty good and compared to their competitors they are CHEAP!!!

I was thinking of having a piece of plate flame cut for the table and having mortices cut in the plate and tenons cut on the mounts for the cylinder. I felt this would give me a stronger attachment and would make me feel safer in case of any flaws in my welding. I had decided on using guides on the sides similar to the Pacific Press ones http://pacific-press.com/PDFs/Bulldozer%20Brochure.pdf . This would have required machining the sides but I felt this would have been about the same price as machining a slot and would avoid the problems of things falling through the slot. There are better pictures and videos of these presses if you google them. One thing I would like to have on my bender that the newer ones have is easily adjustable pressure.

I have been pretty happy with a horizontal press and have used it with fuller dies for forging the inside of punched eye bolts and a large half ring that was too heavy and awkward to forge on the hammer. I have also used it for shearing and plan on punching with it. I am currently setting up a stamp holder for stamping pry bars that are currently a pain to stamp. I have spent a lot of time making up tooling for the press. There are a lot of good ideas for tooling if you watch the euromac video on Youtube The one thing I am a little disapointed by is when I am making right angle bends in flat bar I need to make a wider v bender tool so there is a positive stop. using only the microswitch stops moving the stops by only a mm can be the difference between less than 90 and way past. The stops are really handy for forging or long sweep type bends however.

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Thanks JNewman - wow you sure found a deal there!

JD2 might be cheap in comparison, but are still expensive compared to building one I think.

Its really pretty straightforward by the looks of it - I'm just worried about all the ram or buffer elements that are in single shear. Looks like it need some serious beef.

My other concern is the ram guides. I was thinking of something similar to a lathe bed to locate the ram while it travels. I don't suppose you have any pics of the inside of yours / details of the guides?

The more videos I watch of these, the more I think they are one of the most useful tools out there.

Thanks, Al.

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I will have to pick up some batteries for my camera. I will try to get pictures tomorrow but it may be later in the week

Using the press for my stamping is going to work well I think. I did some test stamp stamping on a bar this afternoon and I get a much clearer stamp than my old method. I have to stamp a 4 digit number on the bars, I had a stamp made and have been setting the bars into a fixture that guides the stamp and hitting it with a 12 lb sledge. doing it under the power hammer never worked well. Stamping them always took a fair bit of time as I had to put the bar in the fixture, drop in the stamp, pick up and use the sledge then remove the bar. I have 25 bars to do tomorrow and another 40 to do next week.

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