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  1. Ah, never made a smaller clear space than 2? I wonder what type the 1 cwt was then. Does look cute against the others! You'd have to drag me out of that workshop with a winch. Al
  2. Surely it's a 1 cwt, comparing it to the oxy fuel cylinders in the pic? John, this isn't the one recently advertised in the baba newsletter is it? I bet that went fast. Al
  3. Wouldn't you just keep the motor running and use a bypass / diverted valves to regulate blow energy? Al
  4. Basher, how about basing it on my little spring powered Massey? They were cutlers hammers, primarily? It's pretty small, and they go some. If you want any details, let me know. Al
  5. I thought I'd add my stand to this thread. It is made from a couple of bits of I-beam, cut with my plasma and welded together in the centre, plus a 20mm plate on top and for the feet. The shape allows my feet to get nice and close, personally I don't like being restricted by a wide based anvil stand (stump etc). I drilled a few holes for future tool-holders etc etc, plus some in the feet in case I want to bolt it down, but I haven't needed to yet, its a 5 cwt anvil which helps. I used plasticine / modelling clay in between the anvil and stand, just a thin layer. It doesn't ring, move,
  6. Yes, I bet that's right. Apparently this one was a total pig to remove, took them 3 days... Fortunately we agreed the price first, I don't think they were too pleased. Nothing but good things to say about the guys at Qualimach though, if anyone needs a tool or 2, I would recommend them wholeheartedly. I know, the driver had just t-cut the white painted sides of the bed too, I nearly shat myself driving my rattly old forklift near it! They are based in Somerset but g all over the UK. Really good to deal with. Al
  7. Hi guys, thanks for your comments. Yes, the truck was a talking point. Cost £250000 including trailer and crane, what's that about 450000 USD? And there I was struggling to pay for the hammer...! Yes DD, seems you're about right. Lots of the tooling is for the kind of stuff you find in an 'architectural iron' parts catalogue, about a third is proprietary tooling for what were obviously specific customer needs, and the rest is standard stuff like fillers, tongs, flatters and standard swages etc. xxxx useful I think, although some of it is unbelievably heavy, not sure how I'd ever use it -
  8. Hi guys, well, I finally got my hands on it. Had it delivered yesterday and craned into the workshop - out of the way while I start work on the foundation. Must be a tonne of tooling with it too, I stuck my boot in the photos for scale. I've got some work to do for a few weeks, while I save my pennies for the concrete saw / breaker / digger hire, but I'm another step closer! Cheers, Al.
  9. Hi guys thanks for the input. I got myself a litre of chainsaw oil and it is working well so far. Also got a grease gun to fill up the fittings that were added by the previous owner. It really hits a lot harder now it's all nicely lubed! Probably 15% more oomph actually! Got lots to do with the hammer this week and next, so it'll be a good test. Cheers, Al
  10. Ok. I found a thing on LG hammers which suggested chainsaw bar oil, so I'll give that a whirl, screwfix have some which is handy for me. Cheers, Al
  11. I've found some 'vertical slideway oil' , it has additives fr tackiness, presumably to help it hang around, is that going to be too thick? The slicker slide ways have boosted performance significantly, the parts I'm making in inch square bar stock have gone from a three-heat job to a two-heat or sometimes single-heat job. That's a massive time saving for a big pile of parts! Al
  12. Thanks for all the help guys, I'll get those DVDs ordered. What oil do people generally use on their slideways - lighter so it runs slick / heavier so it hangs around? Al.
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