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Pumas have made a huge comeback over the last twenty years or so. My grandfather told me he saw them with some regularity growing up in Central Texas before WW1 but they were mostly killed off by ranchers. However, I have seen one in the past couple years and tracks more than once. A 200 lb tom was killed over in Tarpley about 5 years ago - he was a bruiser.

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around here and in next state south, the state game depts have introduced them with the intention of cutting down the exploding population of deer, because of the numerous car deer confrontations, not even giving thought to the fact that deer are faster than cows. They deny that they exist or that they have turned them loose, but when one gets put down, the little green pickups show up to claim the body because the tracking implants let them know when the animal stays in one place to long. they have also turned wolves loose too.
When a farmer found a young calf up in a tree, the game warden was called and told the farmer that a coyote had put it in the tree for later meal. Yeah right.

The right answer was to increase the hunting season. But, to the powers that be, that is too simple and complex an answer.

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Killing Bambi's mother has always been a problem for city/suburban folks getting more into the country. They start talking about deer contraceptives and catching and moving them never thinking about the hidg death rate due to stress.

Where there was a large problem with deer where I last lived I suggested holding an archery season in the large parks that border the highway---you'd think I had suggested killing their children! I guess they think it's better for the deer to starve and die of disease and traffic than a fast exit...and I'm not a hunter! I enjoy eating the proceeds though.

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Here in Farmville there is actually an "urban area bow saeon". Never seen anyone sitting on their "front porch stand" waiting for a deer to pass, but I do see lots of deer in the yard and surrounding houses and fields.

One of the biggest issues is not the increasing populations of animals. It is the increasing population of people intolerant of hunting. I am a PETA supporter. I Prefer Eating Tasty Animals!!!

Thomas good idea on the bow season. I think just about everyone would rather have a deer dead by arrow or bullet instead of with their front grill!


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We have a horrible deer population problem in Central Texas. They aren't bruisers (not much over 150 lbs) but there are millions of them. Two of the primary issues are those who don't want any hunting and those that feed them (sometimes those are the same people).

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Well seeing how guns are used in the city I can understand whey folks from there get a little jittery about them in the country.

I've been trying to nail down my place in the foodchain by at least trying pretty much any type of meat available. When I was in Tyrolia my wife was horrified to find out she was mixing up trout and horse on the menu---then regretted switching when she saw how much I enjoyed the horse...
lets see:
wild boar



And I may have had cat and dog in my travels overseas sometimes don't ask is a good idea.
Probably not a complete list but a good first try.


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I have not eaten any of the last three items on your list (or cats and dogs) but I can add raccoon and possum. I have eaten horse and liked it - a great uncle of mine managed a very large horse ranch in the 1960's and they would occasionally butcher a horse just like a cow. He had a mare get wound up in barb wire while we were visiting one summer and had to put her down but she did not go to waste. My mother did not want to eat any but dad and I scarfed it down. We thought it was fine eatin'.

Another of my great uncles lived on the farm his entire life. They are long dead now but as he and auntie got up in age, they got rid of the chickens, pigs and cows because he didn't want to take care of them. However, they lived on the Pedernales river near Stonewall, Texas and ate fish, rabbit and venison all year long - made no difference what month or "season" it was. They were similar to the American Indian in eating habits as he would only kill what they could eat in a short time - even though they did have a refrigerator. Deer were eaten fresh or made into dry sausage. Both he and auntie lived into their late 90's - uncle made 98 before he passed. If only we could harvest deer commercially and sell the meat, we might cut down on the heart disease so many seem to suffer from.

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We get them here quit often and they tend to be near 300 lbs. As a matter of fact a few miles down the road there was a mare and colt attacked, it killed the colt. The mare is still alive but has some nasty slashes on it's back and neck. Around here if they come on your property the game warden said don't hesitate shoot it.

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We apparently had a mountain lion just up the road from us about 8 months ago. It was fairly unusual since it showed up in southwestern NY. This kid went out to catch the bus to school and came back in the house talking about a "big kitty." Mom looked out and saw a mountain lion and freaked. Meanwhile, the bus driver was calling the NY game comission. Apparently they have up to a 50 mile range normally. Just wierd seeing one around here. Lots of coyotes, but that was a new one on me.


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What an awesome photo. Both scary, by virtue of the cat being hungry enough to approach the house, and fascinating - beautiful animal. I would definitely be concerned about it being so close aroumd the house.
Deer. Don't get me started. I live in Ottawa, Canada and we have the highest deer/car collision rate in the province of Ontario. We have a very unique city in that we have a lot, and I mean a lot of green space and trails in around the city. It is not unusual to have deer and moose wander into and near the cuty centre on all of the connected trails that lead from the countryside right into the downtown core.
This city is infamously liberal and years ago banned any hunting in the city. So without predators and pleanty of good eats around, there are several working farms 10 minutes from the downtown core, their population is booming. I have also seen coyotes and wild turkeys together with deer in the same farmland. Poor farmer takes a beating on destroyed crops every year. I am not sure if crop insurance would pay him enough for his losses.
Getting back to the story - someone did suggest that we try and impregnate some deer food with deer birth control hormones. A few professional hunters and the deer could be thinned out, meat donated to food banks and missins and the hides, etc. donated to the aboriginal groups who create crafts for a living. Alas, too simple but, it invloves killing a deer. A living animal. This from people who don't stop to think their grocery store meat was once a living breathing animal. The issue is still unresolved but I think a good tongue in cheek suggestion the next time it comes up is to suggest releasing a few mountain cats to do the "dirty" work. :-)

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