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  1. I did the same thing - got to have a bigger pipe. I used the 6 in stove pipe but I used 2 to make 1 large pipe. I took them apart at the seams and attached them together at the seems. They will lock together I made a collar that fit the pipe and welded it to the top of my sidedraft hood . It works really good Need a straight run of pipe above the ridge of roof
  2. I just bought a Dyna - Glo portable keroseen heater and wondering about the flame color Ive run my first full tank of keroseen through it and dry buring the wick now. I think I should need a blue flame the best I could adjust it was about 1/2 of flame blue with yellow tips . If I lowered it any lower it would turn orange. The manual says to keep it at 1/2 in flame hight at top of of burner. If I crank it down to the 1/2 in. its a dirty orange - to get into the blue flame I would say the flame is closer to 1 inch hight. Im using new, clean, no water - K1 keroseen Any Ideas? Thanks Ron
  3. Did that Normalized after forging and anealed in the coal fire I got more file work to do So a spring temper Thanks Nice lookin hachet
  4. I think I have it now What kind of steel could it be S7? It was a Vaughan ballpeen. I had anealed it last night and able to file on it but slow goin. I got greedy and tried my angle grinder on the bottom of the spike. Im glad thats the only spot I ground on . Think I can get it with a new file. How should I harden and temper this thing?? I made a few knives from springs and races. Thanks Ron
  5. What do you think - kinda odd lookin I may flatten out the spike or cut it off I think I can work the eye with files and square the handle to the head
  6. Thanks I forged one today from a 24oz and use my homemade drift. My drift I left one side straight and tappered the others. It worked but makes the eye angle off from the blade- I think I finally straightened it will know after it slow cools. That was enough of that I ordered a ductil iron drift. You have a pic. of the drift that you use? Should I drift the eye first ?? Thanks
  7. So get the drift in the eye and draw it on the anvil? Great Hawks
  8. I was thinking about making the eye bigger in the ballpeen - wanting a bigger stronger handle. I have some big punches I could drive through or should I use a punch that fits and draw the sides??? Thanks Ron
  9. I want to make a Tomahawk from a ballpeen and wondering how I should work it at the forge? Also whats a good size for the eye - thinking about 16 oz. or 24 oz. ballpeen Im not worth a flip at forge welding Thanks Ron
  10. Ive messed with some grader blade - I made cold cut chisels -hot chisels - punches from it . They seem to work ok ,All I had at the time Ive heard it was wear plate
  11. Sam Long time - the forge looks Great I bet you will love it. Good Job Ron
  12. Also came across another thing I had not seen. They cut a hole in the bottom of a bucket hung up by the handle and grew tomatoes upside down. No staking Never seen such Upside down Tomatoes I think I may try this Garden Pest Control Ron
  13. This is for sure "Non-Metalworking" I want to have a garden and where I live now is nothing but rock with grass on top. I was looking on the net for ideas and came across a thing called an Earthbox. EarthBox - Homegrown Vegetables Without A Garden I didnt see spending all that money and found this Easy way to go- just keep water in it. Looked good thought I would pass it on Ron:D