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Making FULLERS from other Hammer heads

David Gaddis

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Recently at a trip to Huber Freight I saw these ball pein hammers for a decent price. Now perhaps they are not of the greatest quality but I need some fullers. Seems to me at the cheap prices of about 4.50 USD for the largest and down to about 2.79 USD for the lightest why not get a few. Bought all of them that day! post-23632-0-95629100-1332271506_thumb.j
Having had a little training by Brian and Lyle I started my go at it. Sawed the heads off and threw them into the fire whaere they soon had no handle parts and glowed nicely without magnatism. So after I let them air cool / anneal as best as possible. The next day I picked up one of them and gave it a good bang with a new hammer. Sure thing they were softer than before.post-23632-0-05622000-1332271468_thumb.j
I do not possess many BS tools as of yet so having the right tool was not a possibility. Into the hot coal one went and up with the blast. I kept the heat separated as much as possible to the ball end and proceeded to bang on the ball to flatten out somewhat.post-23632-0-75560500-1332271347_thumb.j
Soon, without a flatter they were going into my formpost-23632-0-07895200-1332271609_thumb.j and as best as possible I held into place until I got a semi-form similar to the swage. It is radiused at the ends slightly.post-23632-0-50425200-1332271707_thumb.j. Another set of hands and a striker could have made short work of this hand operation.
The first fuller required about a ton of coal and the 4th one only took a teaspoon, although much larger...32 oz. I cleaned them up a bit but there are many mis-hits to see. post-23632-0-61263300-1332272064_thumb.jThey were not hardened yet and only partially ground to fit.post-23632-0-65574400-1332271928_thumb.j

Here you can see a before and after situationpost-23632-0-05476600-1332272021_thumb.j. Now I am looking forward to use my more economically-based tools to work on a new project.
David Gaddis

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Good job Dave. Ballpein hammers is on my buy list when garage/yard sale season rolls around, I buy any reasonably priced and have altered a number. This is one of my favorite, I turned it into a straight pein. It was going to be an angle pein but I got it backwards and didn't want to turn it 180* for fear of de-peining it.

post-975-0-89897300-1332274022_thumb.jpg post-975-0-58357400-1332274064_thumb.jpg

Frosty The Lucky

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