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dose anyone know anything about the Hill anvils?

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dose anyone know anything about the Hill anvils? anvils in America has about one paragraph about them and thats its
this anvil is about 140miles away from me so i am hoping to flesh out my knowledge of a smidgen before taking a drive over to look at it

primarily i am thinking about build quality and rough idea of weight
all the info i have on it at the moment is
It is roughly 22
inches long. 10 inches tall and 4 ½ inches wide
and made by hill

thanks all

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I had a Hill for a while. Wrought iron body, steel face plate. Not a bad anvil considering the age, they are old English style so a little more squat than the London patterns we are accustomed to. All the ones Ive seen have been slightly swaybacked, probably because of their older age. Hardie hole on mine (200#) was 31/32", old Bill Gitchner told me that it was the King's inch.

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I have a Hill of about 185 pounds. Nice anvil.

I think that when you're talking about any of the "known" anvil makers, the quality will be sufficient. I would be more concerned with condition and size than with brand when talking about an anvil 150-180 years old.

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very true Baja
and its good to know of someone that has one and likes it
that means i am one step closer to diving down to take a look at it but until i can get some real idea as to the shape its in i am holding off
i have yet to get a photo of it i have picked up a good bit of info here from all of you so far
i did get a note saying it was a 150lb but the last 150 anvil i got turned out to be a 118 not bad but i keep hoping i can find a 200-250 or so anvil down the road but you work with what you have and keep and ear out and your eyes open and you never know what you will find

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