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Hawk...No Not an Axe

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Here's a piece that I designed for a sculpture for a potential clients' back yard. It was supposed to have about a 42" wingspan and sit on a post. I didn't get the job. So last year I figured I'd build it anyway. Wingspan now is 8" and it's 10" high. I envisioned it as a hawk coming into its' nest on top of one of the peeks in the Rockies.



I had so much time on the base that I redesigned it in a simpler version.


I'm still working on refining the design, especially the mounting of the hawk to the scroll looks like crap to me. Always learning.

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That is fantastic work mate!
I really like the clean lines and apparent simple design look. (I know it would have taken a fair bit of designing on paper or in your head)

My thoughts for the joining to the scroll are one but in two variations.
1. Would be to have its two legs extended towards the scroll with its claws/feet gripping it on both edges, you heat up the feet and get them in place, by the time it cools down and shrinks on it, it will be as good as a rivet.
2. Was for a smaller scroll joined to the top of the first one in the shape of a fish like a salmon or something with the same idea above but the bird of prey holding onto the fish.

Keep it up Randy, that is a winner. What kind of price point you going to set on it?
How long did it take you to make the second one?
Do you have progress pics for the second one you made?
Do you mind if I steal your idea. I think I may need one of those beauties sitting on my mantle. :D


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They are quite pleasing. The bodies of the birds are very good. The scrolled base is nice to. the only thing that I find isn't quite right is the legs, not sure whether its the diameter of them or the bend is the wrong way, kinda hard to define.
Either way would like to have them sitting on my mantle!

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Randy, the lines on that sculpture are just pleasing to the eye.
I actually prefer the simplified version of the base, although I can see the sweat and long hours invested in the first one.

Very inspiring !

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randy i LOVE them the first one particularly - i prefer the base how did you do the very bottom, i really think the texture works well against the smooth bird. love it! i agree that , iether way the legs are the only bit slightly problematic for me, although they are beautifully executed, but they need to bend backwards before they slope forwards in my oppinion. so a thicker top section of leg which is normally feathered points towards his tail and then thinner tapered section towrads his beak end , and talon area etc. i think its really yummy though, fabulous wings! simple and clear, but expressive. lovely! :)

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Thanks all. It means a lot to me that you like it. Even a little bit. There's always room for improvement.

The tips are very helpful. Usually I do some studying first and get some pics like the one attached so I get some important details right. They do have some pretty stoudt legs. Maybe that will help me next time.


I did a demo on making this style of a sculpture once and when I needed my template someone had it on the copying machine running copies of it. I don't mind giving out ideas and techniques but that was a bit too much. So now I don't do that demo any more. I like people to learn the process but then make it their own with their own design and ideas.

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absolutley - someone who saw you demo that beautiful bird should take the essence of how you did it and then aspire to making their own version. it often makes me scratch my head when 100 people copy a certain demo to the letter, it would not even cross my mind to make a Replica - (i couldnt do it if i tried is half the reason :)) , but also because independant spirit wins every time - you got to make Your Own version surely!!

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