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1ST attempt at a horsehead

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Not bad at all for a first attempt. I assume this is a one person operation. Brian's, I think is a two person when he uses the larger piece of steel. The one man operation he demonstrates uses a much thiner piece of steel for the one heat horse head. I've seen the horses ears started on the opposite side from yours which give a little different look. I'd be happy with that. I know lots of places I could use that horse head. Good job.

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Looks pretty good Mike. One of the things I find hard is remembering horses heads are flat from the ears to their noses, all the contour is in their chins and jaws. And NO I don't make on in a single heat!

How cool is that, we're both non-competitors. <grin>

Frosty The Lucky.

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divermike, The 3D horsehead that I make is done with exact techniques just like the other things I have posted. I employ half hammer faced blows with a rounding hammer or large fuller over the near and far side sharp 90 degree edges of an anvil held at three different exact angles, and it is evident by the dimential divisions in the material chosen. I also use bottom fuller on top fuller or rounding hammer on horn to check back the lateral side growth caused by the starting half hammer faced blows over then near and far side of the anvil. The horsehead that you made above is made with other techniches that I do not employ. Try the techniques that I have shown and you will see better results. If you start with flat stock it will enable you to understand the proportions better when you go to round or square stock. I check the lateral growth back on the flat dies or anvil face and flat face of my hammer when I use flat stock. I can forge the 3D horse with just my hand hammer from 1 inch and under stock. I use a striker with larger stock, and I have made them small enough to fit on rings and bracelets with my hand hammer. I am attaching a video of the flat horse, but there are drawings and pictures of the 3D horse in the thread I started back in 2009 titled "Animal Heads". I use the same techniques to do most of my forgings, and they are definately worth trying out.

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