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I Forge Iron

Japanese Kitchen knife

Sam Salvati

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Now if you can get a tv spot at 3am to sell those and show how they cut cans and frozen stuff and pipes then still slice tomatoes you'll be rich enough you wont have to talk to us anymore!

haha, jk, Very cool knife, does your anyang do well when you get down to that thin of work, or did you do more regular hammering?

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thanks guys!

Dan if only!!! that'd be a blast :D

The anyang did most of the forging on this one, it was only 5 or 6 heats to get it knocked down to an even 3/16"; thickness from 1", then a quick profile grind then one or two more passes under the hammer to give it some taper. I fillowed the traditional techniques of the japanese guys, you pretty much forge a paddle, then cut or grind the profile then refine it a touch again under the dies.

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Nice blade Sam. Is that a "santoku (or is it santuko?) profile?

I got to use a ceramic version at a cooking class I took a while ago and REALLY liked the way it worked. I've been planning on forging one for myself but like so many things. . . <sigh>

Frosty The Lucky

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