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Wire Wheels

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Having read two posts today about people getting hurt with wire wheels, I might offer than AIW in San Antonio (and probably many other distributors) carries a very dense and soft wheel which is not 100% snag-proof but much safer than most of the ones I've used over the years. It also has a smaller diameter wire in the wheel. The worst wheels for snagging seem to be the ones with the lowest number of wires per inch, so it's easier to get a piece caught if turned wrong. Conversely, the wide thick wheels offer more resistance to the operator pushing on a work piece.

I also wear light leather gloves when using wire wheels in case something does catch and yank. I've had that happen more than once and it's very disconcerting.

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Thanks for the tip on the wire wheel.
In my case, I believe that if I had a pair of gloves on it would have pulled my hand into the grinder possibly causing more damage...but will never know that for sure! Thankfully, it was only meat and not tendons that was damaged. I could still make a closed fist...it's a little swollen today to make a tight fist or straighten the finger out.

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