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Sources of Charcoal in/near New England


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Hello everyone,
My name is Addison de Lisle. I have a (very) small blacksmithing studio, and looking to get another forge. I have a three burner propane forge already, but I would like to work in a more open forge that would accommodate less linear work. I have been talking with a local metalworking school (New England School of Metalwork), and they have offered to sell me a charcoal forge or a coal forge, depending on my preference (the charcoal forge is a side draft with a shallower firepot). I would very much prefer to work with charcoal, but I am having some difficulty finding a source for lump charcoal. I thought it wouldn't be to difficult given the lumber and paper industry in Maine, but I haven't had much luck finding it available in 40lb bags or more. I have looked into making charcoal myself, and it sounds interesting and fun, but at this point I would rather spend my time forging than collecting wood. Does anyone know of a lump charcoal supplier that will sell in 40lb bags or more (preferably near New England)?

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If you are in or near Auburn ME, check Aubuchon Hardware. They sell blacksmith coal in 40# bags, with their heating coal. Current price is 12.49 a bag plus tax. There are a bunch of stores in Maine.Check them out at: http://www.hardwarestore.com/

Call first not all stores carry blacksmith coal. Otherwise check Agway or other agricultural retailers. Its amazing what they sell... every spring my local Agway gives me bags of antracite that have been damaged or ripped... because they cant sell them... to other people...

I use the aubuchon blacksmith coal, and I like it, but your mileag may vary...

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