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Were to find an anvil

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New anvils would have to come from a farrier supply house or maker, and would be pricey. Did you mean a better anvil than what you have?

Went to www.searchtempest.com and typed in your zip code, the word anvil, and put a 150 mile limit on the search. It came up with one anvil & swage block dealer, several individuals with anvils to sell, and a whole historic blacksmith shop for sale in the last month.

If you are serious, you will run the same search half a dozen times a day, call, text or otherwise respond immediately when something you like pops up, and bring cash money when you go to look.

The good stuff at the right price is usually gone so fast, most folks never even know it was there.

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I have a peddinghaus with base for sale.
Very nice, was purchased new by a known party and never used for any hot work.
100 KG anvil pictures are on a post earlier last month by me titled anvil value.
Would be willing to meet part way depending on location..

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i am in branson, mo. have a 150# hay budden i'll sell for $450. solid, edges good, silver dollar sized depression in center fo face, i would guess from some kind of repetitive work. face is solid. might could get it to west plains.

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Did you ask everyone you know? (I was given an anvil once when I mentioned at Church I was hunting one!) Did you put up a notice in a local feed and hardware stores? Run an add in the "thrifty nickle" or other cheap sales paper?

The more you do the work the cheaper you can find them!

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Post a wanted add on Craigslist and post it in cities other than yours. You wont believe how many are still out there and people think no body wants them. Here in Pa. I bought three in the last week. You dont want to know what I paid, you'll cry. Also go on auctionzip.com and put your zip and keyword "anvil" and it will show all the auctions in your area with anvils. Good luck.

Now Im on the hunt for a small forge :)

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