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pigtail tie-down well at least thats what i call them

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i have made on and off a simple hook for flagpoles and trailers that i have always called a pigtail tie-down i dont know if it has a real name or not but i like them bc you can run a rope through them and not have to worry about it falling out and yet since it is a spiral instead of a ring you can get the rope on and off with out having to unthread it the way you would with a eye-bolt
anyway i tend to leave these as soft as possible so that they can straiten out instead of snapping or pulling out of what ever they are attached to
any way they are not works of art but they sure are handy to hold a tarp down on top of a dump wagon




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thanks and yeah normally i make them out of round stock but i was out of mild round stock when i did this last batch on the plus side these ones are on my dump wagon so i can pull them off and straiten them and knock down the edges if they give me any trouble
i will admit that i was kicking myself when i took a look at these after they were painted and in place
my only saving grace is that for this set up the rope goes through at a very flat angle
on a side note the ones i do for flag and banner poles are out of long unplated lag bolts that i just cut the heads cut off so they are A round and b screw right into the posts
what these are good for is with banners in particular they let you keep the rope flat to the pole to above head hight so that no one gets clotheslined but you can free the rope to take down the banner

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Why do you not consider them "art"?
The lag bolts idea is also great. These are the kind of things that gives the rest of us flat foreheads.
Consider forging 4 facets on slot head screws or forge lag bolts or hex head bolts with chisels and punches for a complete forged look.

My forehead aches now. Thanks

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i am just glad people like them i love them as a time saver i have tarps with a rope laced around the edge and it lets you just toss the tarp over the top of the load and quickly hook it down with the pigtails and then pull the rope tight quick and simple i am feeling a bit embarrassed that i took a photo of the one with sharp edges but the others were all painted the same red as the wagon at the point i thought to take the photo

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