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Another Hardy Hot Cut

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Well, I wasn't sure that my tire hammer would draw out the 1 1/2" square stock to make the hot cut. But it worked like a champ. Here's a few pics of the process. :)

Started with 1 1/2" Square stock and drew out to fit the hardy hole.


Then cut off to leave about 1 1/4" of the square stock, on top for the hot cut, and forged it down on my tire hammer. I have top and bottom dies that are flat on the left and half round on the right.



The hardy shaft ended up too long, for what I like. So I ended up cutting off about an inch.

The finished and hardened hot cut.

Boy do I LOVE my tire hammer!!! :D

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Since I teach and students tend not to pay attention to which hot cut fits which anvils I like to have the end of the hardy shaft tapered down to provide a point to hit from the underside to pop it out of a tight fit without riveting it in place.

One way of doing it is to roll it in 90 deg chunks while cutting it with a hardy to leave a truncated pyramid as the base.

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Thanks. Good to know. I have some spring steel, but its in the form of a coils spring from a car. Probably not the best thing to try and make a hardy tool from.

If it is big enough, go for it. Good material there. If it is 7/16 like the coil springs I have then making a hot chisel is probably easier.

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