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  1. Here is a 1906,80 pound Fisher. I welded it and flattened it backout.
  2. No, Dave the blade doesn't. I'm still che cking all sort of tool sites, hobby sites, and tattoing sites............to no avail.
  3. This was brought into the local coffee shop, the other day. We passed it around the table, and got more confused by the minute. Heard it was a tatoo needle, wood gouge, medical instrament......... It's made of Stainless steel.
  4. That looks like a bronze gear. Why not try to straighten it?
  5. Hell'o from Steelville, MO, 1 1/2 hour southwest of St. Louis. If you would edit your profile as to your location, we would know your location. 15 minutes Northeast of St. Louis would be 45 minutes farther from me than, 15 minutes Southwest of St. Louis. There are blacksmiths, that I know in St. Louis, Fenton, High Ridge, Washington, Desoto, Old Mines, in Missouri. Granite City, Beleville, Pickneyville, in Illinois. Any of us would be willing to help you. Keith
  6. Curly George had some in the Gallery, with some instruction.
  7. SIU-E, has both, credit and non credit, artist blacksmiting classes. We have a Hammer-in at Trying-it's smithy in August, in Picneyville, IL. Welcome to IFI, looking forward to hearing from you. Keith
  8. Thank's for an excellent demo/tutorial. I knew the concept, but forgot the dimensions. I made a Spike cross, as Shown by, "Marksnagle".
  9. Interesting, thanks for posting, fellas. Keith
  10. Great news, glad you are resting at home! It's baby steps now for a little while, getting stronger a little at a time. Take care, give my best to Clara, see you soon. Keith
  11. Thank you Kyle, for the updates. It's great to hear my friend is on the mend! After the pain of recovery & rehab, I'm not sure how any of us will keep up with a "healthy Stan".
  12. Been praying, hoping, crossing fingers. I haven't been able to get online due too last Sunday's tornado. But I'll be checking often now. I want to visit in person, when you're ready Stan, but I don't want to take up family time.
  13. keithgartner

    My Shop

    And such a nice floor it is! :D
  14. Your 8" will probably work but that would be the minimum. Personally I would use 12". Length of flue ( the higher the better), height of hood over fire come into play, don't put a damper, low smokey fire is heaver thus draws less. Here look at these. http://www.beautifuliron.com/chimneys.htm
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