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Greetings from Poland


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Hi everyone,

My name is Adam I'm 30 year old, I live in Poland in village near Wrocław. I work now like a simply welder method 135 MAG and 141 TIG inox steel (European standards). Now I want to start blacksmithing, because I like it.

I have free spaces for workshop and need information how start it.

I don't have anvil (yet), but I have blacksmith vise, some hammers, amateur welder machine with MMA (111) and TIG (141), simply locksmith table and a lot of enthusiasm. :D

I want make chaep coke forge (build or weld), but I don't want use brake drums, I prefer plate or firebricks.

I'm looking for advice and comments. I relly want to learn.

I'm learn English (but few years ago) and I'm So sorry for any language mistakes (if you see, correct me).


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This is a great site to learn from.
I would suggest you search the forums for ideas. There are many ways to build a forge.
I am partial to Bran Brazeal's forge. But he uses a cast fire pot. (search for Roger Lorance)

Anyway, welcome and have fun here.


BTW - your English is fine - the more you read here the better it will get.

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Mayby in next day a take a photos my workshops and my tools, Forge I make when I have more time, now in Poland we have winter, and day is to short (in workshop 1 and 2 I don't have warming), and still work like a locksmith and welder.

In good times I weld this elements:

Now I make road sings :( . But I stil want back to true welding... Mayby sometimes :P

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welcome to IFI! Back in the days of yore at my old job I had more than a few guys form Poland working with me. That was before the Iron Curtain fell and most of them have now gone back now that Poland is free of control from Russia.
So you have no anvil? To start with just about any large masive piece of steel will get you started so be on the lookout for one.

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Welcome aboard Adam, glad to have you.

A little searching on IFI will give you plenty of ideas and information about building most anything you need for a smithy. The one piece of advice I have for the anvil is don't get stuck on a particular shape, say london pattern, virtually any piece of steel with enough mass will make a fine anvil. One of the guys here used a coupling knuckle from a railroad car and I've used lots of different things.

You write english just fine and I'm sure speak well too. Don't worry correct diction and eloqution aren't prerequisites for blacksmithing.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I see topic "Show me Your Forge" http://www.iforgeiro...rge-solid-fuel/ and I find First page post #11 forge mr. primtechsmith
( I have pan like that from pressure tank, because is nice cut this is good forge outside workshop :) ) second forge in workshop inside I want make like in post #74 mr. billp I make similiar from plans from polish blacksmiths forum:


I have weld part __/ by my forge is deeper with height 9 cm ( 1 '' is 2.5 cm), base 19 cm opens on 28 cm, I make hole on 3 cm but in this syttuation I dont have call on the pictures "grzybek" regulator air flow, but in post #74 are 2 pices rods welds in cross. I have weld pipies like a letter T 1''-| 2'' , up to the base my forge, down for noun I weld plate circle a and make from plate I make border I simly put this on pipe and I weld nut when I'm tighten the screw the pipe is closed.

Pipe 1'' I need because this is size tube from old hoover (Polish production have two hole pull and push air) in cable I mont dimmer from light (my aunt have old in home buy new) and I have regulator flow (only I must set precission resistor - I'm end school like a assembler of electronics with proff title :D ).

Some opinions and advice?

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My workshop:


My first forge

My second forge (not finish) for weld forge or brake drum

First locksmiths table

Second table this wood sheet I remove if I need more space

Third wood table with blacsmith vise ( I make this in childhood when I must cut some wood plank) and still work :D

Imitation of anvil :D

My sweet loved hammers

Some other stuff

Magazine of screw, nuts, rivet and wood jam

Proffesional blower with regullation (joke I know, but still work)

Cheap, nice weld welder mashine

My command center on the left side my proffesional dryer for rod, right PC I must have good music ;D

If I have problem with smoke I simply open this gates front and back and i have wind (this place was use to dry wood)

My first hunting on junkyard (I'm wan't more...)

And finally my biggest problem in my workshop, everything takes from here andI must go and look for the yard for my thing (speccialy gloves, smallest stuff) :D

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