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I Forge Iron

Hay Budden 131# age

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That anvil is in extremely good shape; definitely upper tier and HB is a top brand.

If I had posted "I have a Ford vehicle, how much is it worth?" What would your reply be? To find the worth of an anvil you need to know much the same stuff: Make, Model, Condition, Location (this is a world wide forum so the cost of an anvil in Ohio may be quite different from one in South Africa)

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Thomas is correct! In order to deliver an accurate response that will answer the inquiry you posted, we needed information. Thomas listed the information you did not know we needed, so you would know! He also pointed out the fact that, without that information, there is a large amount of variation ($2-$3 a pound,) in what the answer could be.

He could have spent a bunch of his time typing a long winded post to point out this missed information, or save his breath fingers by quickly pointing out the missed information, (which he did.)

No reason for anyone to take sides and start sniping off other people.

Like Thomas said, your anvil is in great shape. At 131 pounds (if I was in the market for an anvil that size,) I would be willing to pay a tops of $2.00 per pound.
Are you a blacksmith or are you trying to value the anvil so that you can sell? Either way, welcome to I FORGE IRON!

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