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    Is this a rear tyer or bottom?
  2. this is the anvil type I dream of
  3. I feel that this profession has been around for ages, and how many people have worked in the craft, and how many things have they made? its so old that I feel its very rare for anyone to come up with something that is 100% original. so if you make something you didn't come up w yourself at least give credit to where it is deserved
  4. very nice job blending the welds into the tentacles and body
  5. dude got xxxxx game. any one here play the video game HORIZON NEW DAWN reminds me of that
  6. congrats on making the plunge into smithing, one of the oldest professions. it can be learned in a few days but take a life time to master. just a word of advice on making knives. we come across a blade in form or another multiple times a day our whole lives, its got an easy straight forward shape we are all to familiar with, but there harder to make than you could ever guess. and im talking about a sub par knife, personally i would pick someting else out as my first project maybe find something that will teach you how to draw out a length of rod, or round up a piece of square sto
  7. HI THERE. im not sure if some one mentioned this but leave it in the fire for a goood loooooooong soak so it gets lots of scale built up, nice deep scale. when allowed to really penetrate the material it leaves a fantastic texture on the metal that really ads a lot in the line of texture, especially stressed texture,also when i think of stressed metal rust comes to mind. urinating on it a few times a day for a few days does a good job, then give it a real quick rub with a sanding foam pad to knock the loose stuff off then maybe a lil sealant to protect it and blamo you got a distressed item do
  8. so prob the most abundant and easily obtained "stock" in the smithing world are RR spikes. they are good practice to make knifes and you can make some sharp looking ones if you put somethought and execution into it, but they dont hold an edge well. also tomahawks but same prob with its edge hold quality's. but what i like to do is use them to practice stuff like splitting, scarfing and forge welding, drawing out in various cross sections. even basket twists. i taught a few class's out of my garage and the humble spike was used as free fodder for the flame. i like it cause i lived right b
  9. Love the flatware bird! Very nice gat to
  10. Ya it turned out well and it was my first small metal project. Ill get a better pic of the copper piece in the middle. I textured it to look like wood and alot of class mates thought it was wood. If any of you guys make one post it here i would love to see other peoples takes on the idea
  11. I like the wagon wheel idea. I can realy picture it in a vise
  12. So i accidently bought a little giant vise for 3$. It was dark and i was looking through some old timers garage that is a constant rummage sale. Any one have any info. Like are they rare. Its missing something off the bottom but what i dont know
  13. Thanks guys. Im not sure where inwas going w the pipe plant. The prof. just wanted us to come up with some samples of what we could create w pipe. It was totally new to me so i just started cutting it and a carnivorus plant popped n my head alttiosuough it lost most of its predatious feeling an acceptical (which was great for me cause im my harshest critic)plant did emerge. Here are a few pics of my first "fine" metals piece I called it "the buckler"cause its a shield belt buckle. Notice the horrible rivits and down right sloppy backside. Thats what happens when you rush to finish a projec
  14. So i doing some thinking the other day and i realized that ive never posted any of my work. So here are a few of my first pieces. First one is a squid key rack. It started its life out as a simple piece of 4x1/2'' flat stock. And boy did i have a lot if drawing out to do (at the time us begginners couldnt use the p0wer hammer) and the tenticle part is a small piece of flat stock (cant remember what though). The second one was not really a project bu t just an experimentation with pipe. I'll post a few more pices later today
  15. i know this post is like 5 years old but id wouldnt sell this for less than 500$
  16. now that you have pointed out that its angle iron i can totally see how it all fits together. it makes sense now that thee is a reason why there so few gaps between the wraps. thanks for the bit of knowledge in my ever expanding understanding of the second oldest profession.
  17. Nice stuff. How did u attach the flat stock thats twisted around the round stock.the third down from the top
  18. Very nice work. How did get that texture on the metal piece you mounted the cross on
  19. wel ha lots of those at the scohool i went to and an do they have sone rebound. after a few of my first swings i miseed the target trying to be all macho and see how hard i could hits it and that hammer shot up at me like a bullelt. i t so horrable scary, i made sure never to do that again
  20. mine have been in my mothers storate shed for just ybder a tear. they are so ready to put tthe heat to it. my wife and i are getting married on sat, then we hava honey moom then we get to ove into our new place and it has a huge garage and a small work space in a seperat room right hehind it. im so excited. what it our negledted equipment did some weirde s"toys ' type sruff and came to life
  21. it seens to be coming delaminated as well. nut that doesnt meen it would be a great first anvil for ya. do you have on now?
  22. i would be little more causious on this one . its welde(withch if done properly than its not a big deal) and they totally have the highest price i would even feel comfortable haggleing with. k but if you must have an anvil i know the feeling. tht dont always pop up in and area that is convieient fot both of you guys
  23. wow that one has some storiest to tell. all the slight imporfedtions make it look ike a million bucks. some day ill have a anvil simsilare. im hoping that style
  24. cogradulations, thats a fine piece of history there and i looks to have mayony morre yers lfter to it.
  25. ya you found a good place here, ther is always going to be sombody on here, no matter how skilled you are. that can give you some solid advice. im myself in about to build my on venturi burner. im going to mess with doing some small foundry work. mostly aluminium, brass and the like. one of my buddys has a 3-d printers and he makes these bad ass storm trooper helmets out of a fiberglass composite. we're going to move on to metals i cant wait to show you guys.... and of cousre pic your brains about a small foundry. good luck to you mason
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