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  1. Or suitecase forge I understand these had a anvil in them any info as to size make would be appreciated thanks.
  2. Boilerguy

    Columbian? Help

    Thanks guys for the info one thing I learned about anvils nothing is 100% all the time.
  3. Any info on this anvil would be appreciated great rebound around 90%
  4. Boilerguy

    50lb little giant

    Thanks Guys No worries.
  5. Boilerguy

    50lb little giant

    Thanks it works good but wanted to check
  6. Hi guys can a little giant work rotating either way mine is counter clockwise seems to work OK?
  7. Boilerguy


    Hi guys to answer what I can, the taper is B&S7 Frosty to see it in operation utube Jim Abood from what I can find it was used onboard and in yard shops Hi John how are things going
  8. Found this machine a Ames Triplex before and after picts done by Jim Abood here goes your catch words rare only 10 found world wide cost $2200 in 1938. virt mill horiz mill drill mach and lathe. Harold
  9. Boilerguy

    FISHER #4 Double Screw Vise pattern

    Thanks guy that is what I have is a #4 made from that pattern. Harold
  10. Boilerguy

    Chain size for a fisher #4 two screw vise

    Got the vise back together works great thanks for the information will post picts soon. Harold
  11. Boilerguy

    Chain size for a fisher #4 two screw vise

    Orignal was cast gonna machine one from 4140. Got a friend!
  12. Boilerguy

    Chain size for a fisher #4 two screw vise

    Thanks guy now to finish the gear. Harold
  13. What is the chain size for a fisher two scew vise. Thanks Harold
  14. I got some axles from a Hendrix motor sports eng. when I read about the axle steel I thought Hammer this steel was used for aircraft landing gear and NASCar axels takes shock and ect. well so I made a hammer about 2lbs next one will be bigger.