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  1. Going to Madison guy?


  2. Or suitecase forge I understand these had a anvil in them any info as to size make would be appreciated thanks.
  3. Thanks guys for the info one thing I learned about anvils nothing is 100% all the time.
  4. Any info on this anvil would be appreciated great rebound around 90%
  5. Hi guys can a little giant work rotating either way mine is counter clockwise seems to work OK?
  6. Hi guys to answer what I can, the taper is B&S7 Frosty to see it in operation utube Jim Abood from what I can find it was used onboard and in yard shops Hi John how are things going
  7. Found this machine a Ames Triplex before and after picts done by Jim Abood here goes your catch words rare only 10 found world wide cost $2200 in 1938. virt mill horiz mill drill mach and lathe. Harold
  8. Thanks guy that is what I have is a #4 made from that pattern. Harold
  9. Got the vise back together works great thanks for the information will post picts soon. Harold
  10. Orignal was cast gonna machine one from 4140. Got a friend!
  11. Thanks guy now to finish the gear. Harold
  12. What is the chain size for a fisher two scew vise. Thanks Harold