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  1. That is the hammer thanks
  2. could you send a link please
  3. cutlers hammers ( or dog face hammers ) have the weight forward and not at a angle !
  4. I think it might be a file cutter?
  5. Going to Madison guy?


    1. Canyonman


      Hey there fellow Grumpy Guy,  

      Might you have a material and dimension sheet for the steampunk sawhorse lookin Anvil stand.

      I realize the original post was a while ago. Just thought I would ask.

      TIA    Ken


  6. Or suitecase forge I understand these had a anvil in them any info as to size make would be appreciated thanks.
  7. Thanks guys for the info one thing I learned about anvils nothing is 100% all the time.
  8. Any info on this anvil would be appreciated great rebound around 90%
  9. Hi guys can a little giant work rotating either way mine is counter clockwise seems to work OK?
  10. Hi guys to answer what I can, the taper is B&S7 Frosty to see it in operation utube Jim Abood from what I can find it was used onboard and in yard shops Hi John how are things going
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