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Blacksmith Nutcracker

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Think of a small pair of tongs except riveted on one end, make sort of a wolf jaw taper the reins and a nice little scroll on the end. I tried to attach a drawing but the attach file thing didn't work. Message me with your email address and I can email the drawing to you.

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Perhaps if you bolted the lower handle of said bolt cutters to a short plank they would be easier to use. The lower jaw could be forged into a dish shape to hold the nut while the upper jaw, perhaps forged like a straight peen, does the cracking.

Of course the lower jaw in a pair of bolt cutters need to be able to move a bit. But if you secured the end of the handle to the plank with a pivot pin and captured the front of the lower handle in a fork then I think you'd have something. Go check out the motion of a bolt cutter to see what I mean. Observe what happens when you try to pin down one handle.

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Here's a page with a few ideas. Black walnut crackers

I've seen the lever type made with a foot pedal so they can be used sitting down with leg power.

My Grandad cleaned, cracked, and picked out 53 lbs. of black walnut meats last winter to keep himself busy (90yrs. old). We've bought and made him all kinds of nut crackers over the years, but he normally uses a hammer to crack them and a pick made from a nail...


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