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  1. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Anyone know what this might be?

    This was found in a bunch of hammers, top tools, and other misc. blacksmithing stuff I picked up a couple weeks ago. Anybody know what it is or what it's for?
  2. KST1-Derek Fultz

    My biggest project I've ever finished

    Nice job. Thanks for sharing the tenon mess up. You're human, we're human, and we all make mistakes. Overcoming them is the key and you surely did! Beautiful piece to be proud of for sure.
  3. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Don Neuenswander blacksmith passing

    My wife and I took Don's copper class last spring. Got to know him a little and can say he was a friendly knowlegeable and very nice man. May he rest in peace.
  4. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Curly trivet

    The trivet is really nice (both of them, but I like the collared one better). Do you have any pics of the jig? -Derek
  5. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Anvil ID help

    Ok you guys confirmed my suspicions. Didn't want my anvil ignorance to make me miss out on s good deal but that horn didn't look right. Thanks!
  6. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Anvil ID help

    Anyone know what kind of anvil this is and if it is worth anywhere near $250? I have no additional information and no other photos at this point. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. -Derek
  7. KST1-Derek Fultz

    NOVA TV show on Viking Swords

    Caught the part I missed the first time last night, and watched it with my kids (girl 8, boy 10). We all thought it was cool. My kids can't imagine doing anything for 11 hours, let alone hammering on a peice of metal. About 15-20 min. is all I ever get out of them. Ric, your skill set is truly remarkable and your hard work is evident. I hope this program helps bring you whatever rewards you desire. Thanks for sharing with us here. -Derek
  8. KST1-Derek Fultz

    NOVA TV show on Viking Swords

    Just caught the tail end by chance. Came in from the shop to help get the kids in bed, popped on the tv, and there was Ric! Sword looked awesome, and the film presentation was top notch. Just like you would expect from NOVA. I'm going to try to catch the whole program later in the week.
  9. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Breaker Bits- Too good to repurpose?

    Thanks everyone. I will run them by a local rental place later this week and see if there is any interest. I like Thomas' and Big Gun's idea about selling/trading for used up bits. Something about cutting up brand new tools just doesn't sit well with me, but I'm not going to spend a lot of time and effort on it either. Monster, thanks for the info. The clay spades are the ones I hate to cut up the most as they look like they would be hard to re-forge into useable form again. I'll let you know how it goes. -Derek
  10. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Breaker Bits- Too good to repurpose?

    Thanks for your thoughts Volcano. Sure would be a lot easier to simply cut em up and use them rather than trying to sell em off. I'll probably go this way unless I hear diferent from someone.
  11. Stopped by a garage sale this weekend when I saw a bunch of tools laid out on a tarp. Picked up these breaker bits (SDS bits?) thinking I could make some tooling out of them. Got 'em all for $20. But now, after I've taken a better look at them, I realize they are all brand new (except for the big breaker bit which has been used at least once). They are marked Kango -England. Are these things too good to cut up? Could I sell them to someone for their original purpose, and make some dough? Maybe an rental place? I don't mind repurposing tools for my uses, but would hate to destroy something of significant value/use without at least knowing more about them. -Derek
  12. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Small Post Vise

    Yeah, it's a pin vise, but I thought it's similarity to a post vise was "striking" :rolleyes: The "post" (handle actually) has a whole bored through it (bolt too) so that a rod, wire, or "pin" of any length can be passed through. -Derek
  13. KST1-Derek Fultz

    It followed me home

    Stopped by the thrift store over lunch and picked up a large square file, a pair of nice old pair of large dividers, and 3 peice set of large spring tubing benders for $4.
  14. KST1-Derek Fultz

    It followed me home

    I made a base for my that is on a peice of verticle 2" tubing about 4 inches long. It fits in the "gonzita" (reciever) on my benches, and can also be clamped in a vise. I also have another gonzita out in front of my shop that I put it in when I cut long stuff.
  15. KST1-Derek Fultz

    Small Post Vise

    Like most smiths on here, I am always on the lookout for a nice big postvise. I have a few of the average 4"-5" jaw ones around that I use all the time, but a monster vise has alluded me all together. Unfortunately, my luck continues. I haven't found a big one, but I might have found the smallest? -Derek