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Cheap Knife pins


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Need some help here. I have read in David Boye's book "Step By Step Knifemaking" that you can use brake shoe rivets as pins for knife handles. (p145) A female 7 and a male 5 fit each other.
The problem is that I have gone to Oreilly's and Fastenal and neither has or know what the product is. They have what I call pop rivets but its not even remotely the same thing.
I still owe the guys in my wedding party the knives I promised them so any and all help will be very appreciated.

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Rivets that screw together are often called "Chicago screws" and are often used in leather work, but do come in bigger sizes. The larger sizes are often called "barrel nuts" and can be used to allow complete disassembly of a knife for cleaning, which is a welcome feature by some food service professionals.


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i had trouble with the cutler rivets.. sometimes fit was loose or too tight n split the scales.. ...try the loveless bolts.. ..their nice !

texas knife supply or K&G supply should have em in the states..

for me.. i just use welding rod for pin's ...its not a rivet.. but you can dome the heads or pien them.... or just epoxy them in and then they never move

good luck on it

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