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I Forge Iron

Demo In Pearce, AZ

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Here are some photos of our demo in the ghost town Pearce, Az for Old pearce historic days. The blacksmiths shop was left just as it was in the old days. It was a pleasure to work in it. Like a step back in time.

Thank you all who came down to demo. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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Even a kid can't do it.....EVERY time updates have been made to this site the loading of pictures have gone ary. I have lived through all of the uploads since '05 and with each it has become harder to upload pictures. Have you noticed that the last pictures added to the gallery are dated back in August of this year. Frustrating is an understatement! But I keep coming back here even with the frustration because of the knowledge agained and the friends I've made and hope to continue to make........ just wish it was easier to load pictures

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Guest hzjwxlhun
Posted · Hidden by Steve Sells, May 30, 2013 - spam
Hidden by Steve Sells, May 30, 2013 - spam

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It'll get straightened out. The admin don't make a big deal of it here but the site is under near constant attack by hackers, just like OUR personal computers. How often does your anti-virus software update? Mine does every time I start it and then a couple times before I shut it down at night.


These bad guys aren't just kids messing with folk, too many are thieves trying to steal our identity and empty our bank accts. Iforge is a huge site with I don't know how many members nor how many signing up every day. How many of the new signups are hackers looking for a back door? Just a post ago I "reported" a hacker who signed up only to dump adds/scams and worse.


Here's the part that applies directly to Harold's problems uploading pictures. To try and keep spammers and worse at bay, they HAVE to update the software WAY more often than they'd prefer. Then of course they have to debug it. Genn and the gang aren't upgrading to find that magic bell and whistle combination to keep them ahead of the joneses, it's to keep the entire site from being hijacked and turned into one huge Chinese sales site.


The upgrades and debugging sessions gripe me too but Glenn and the guys are doing the best they can so how about we give them a break. I'm going to have a beer and watch Mythbusters.


Frosty The Lucky.

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