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Leather and Steel

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Bells are 10 ga and 1/4" rod. Rose is leftover from another project forged from 3/8" round rod. This is my first time working with leather. I remember why I work with steel...if I cut it to short or punch a hole in the wrong place I can weld it up and dress it then try it again. Leather and wood you can't do that.


Hey I got two pictures to post before I got error 500


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Wow, quite nice....It should make a lovely gift for one of the ladies in your family. I've seen rose/flower kits cut out with a cnc machine, did you go that route, or do them all by hand?

Ohh, Leather and wood....I've been messing with that stuff since I was a kid.....Just like Blacksmithing and Fab work, there are some veteran craftsman that will show you some super cool tricks to overcome those "whoops" moments....

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