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Try http://imageshack.us/ to upload, I've mentioned them before and use the site simply because how easy it is. You're not required to make an account to upload but if you take the 2 minutes to do so you can get a direct link to the images and add that to your post with the image button on the reply/post window, Also they allow you to upload more than on file at a time and that is always handy~

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Edited to augment description.

I have what must be it's cousin (that family dimple, like Kirk and Michael Douglas :P ) with a thru the side 1/4" hardy hole and two pritchel holes. Very slightly tapered shank about 1" square. No steel plate on top, same metal throughout means soft body and soft face + some knothead equals shallow face scars and some edge mushrooming, but no chips. No makers mark or company stamp, 'sterile'. No history known, bought from a dealer in SC who bought it at an estate sale in SC, US quarter in pix for scale, @ 1".

Yeah, Wes, frontier re-enactment was the first thing thru my mind when I saw this. My Mousehole is about a century too late.


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Just looking at the 55 lb anvil, it looks like a tinsmith's anvil made for a bench plate more than a stump anvil. I would be leary of putting that in a stump because I would be afraid of it popping out while working with it.


Does yours have slanted sides on the stem or is it straight like it looks in the picture. What size is the stem?

Brian Pierson

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I've built a couple of stake anvils by finding old odd sledge hammer heads and then forging a stake with a tenon on top to mount the eye of the hammer on and then hot rivet it flat! You can even hardface that top pad if you want.

I made a pair with about 3' stakes and long spikes that started out as 2.5" stock---used a nice smith's big powerhammer and it still tuckered me out. One of the pair was an old RR spike driver and so has two "horns" that are cylindrical of different diameters and a flat top in the middle the other was an old mining sledge that has squarish tapered ends.

Steve Parker makes excellent block anvils for re-enactors, I have one of his sq ones that we have been using like it was 10 times as heavy.

My next anvil building project will be to make another pair of stake anvils only with short stakes---the odd sledge heads turn up here on a regular basis cheap at the fleamarkets, (under $10 in good shape for a RR spike driver!)

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