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Mrs Irn

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Mrs. Irn,
Welcome! Glad to meet you.
I have an enormous amount of respect for your husband and an appreciation for the knowledge he shares with us.
I believe he is a key part of the backbone of this forum. I pay attention to what ever he says.
Now this is for YOU!
Behind every good man, is a good woman!
Be safe!

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Thank each of you for your warm welcomes. Those I have met I look forward to seeing again from time to time. To those I have not met I look forward to that opportunity one day. As for keeping Irn in line - won't happen folks- he is uncontrolable at times - you all will just have to grin and bear it as I do. Irn is unique in all respects. We are all very lucky to have had him touch our lives. As for me catching the "forgeing bug" I wish I could but my health won't allow it. I do share his love of creating in other ways. We both have a bit of an artisic talent which is a great bond for us. I must tell you I have never met such a wonderful group of folks as "Blacksmiths" - I feel truly blessed, when I married Irn I inherited some wonderful friends!

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Hi Mrs. Irn,

I'm so glad you decided to join this crazy bunch. There are only a few of us gals here so you're more than welcome to speak up when ever you feel the need. ;)

Have you ever thought of making stuff out of sheet copper? Generally very little strength is needed, and I'm figuring out how to make it even less. (Next to no smelly fumes either.) :D

Anyway welcome to the fun,


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