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    It's been a couple of years since I frequented this site. I use to do quite a bit of hobby blacksmithing and copper work until I got hurt in a workplace accident. I got a "Big Foot" treadle hammer from Trying-it, but haven't had a place to put it for the last couple of years. Life went, on and so did I. Along the way, I got a Masters in Safety, a great job, and a wonderful husband. Recently, I even found a great place for the treadle hammer and the opportunity to teach blacksmithing. Stay tuned for more information....


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    Getting lost in the fire.

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  1. You posted photos of a very early Mousehole anvil a few years back. thoey are no longer available and I would very much like to see them if you still have them. I'm trying to identify an early Mausehole myself. Could you email me some photos?

  2. hellow every one ihave done a littlesmithing a few years back would like to try again seadragon

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Wishing you all the best. Stanley

  4. Thank you all! The well wishes really mean a lot to me. It's been an up and down couple of years. You all have encouraged and motivated me in so many ways. I might have given up otherwise. Dodge, With luck I'll be working the entire two years I'm in school. It was one of the big reasons I worked so hard to get into this program. The fact that it is mostly online gives me a chance to continue to work while I'm taking classes. I like the one week intensives so i get to meet the instructors and interact and network with other students in real life. I'm taking some online certifications now so I have an idea what I'm getting into. So far it seems to be easier than I remember. Thanks again everyone, Pam
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to share some good news... I just got the word that I was accepted to graduate school at IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) for the Masters Degree program in Safety Sciences. I start June 1st. This program is totally online except for a one week intensive program each summer for three summers. IUP is one of the top universities for safety in the US. With a little luck and a lot of work, I'll graduate mid-June 2010. I'm back on workers comp for a little while, but safety is one of the things I've proven I can do. (Besides, walking around with wires attached to my arm reminds others to be safe.) Just getting into college again after over 20 years says a lot about my determination and drive to succeed. Being accepted to one of the top programs in the country says a lot about my abilities. If where I work doesn't want me, someone else will. Anyway...Life is about to become very interesting! Pam Unfortunately I haven't been able to get shop space to set up the Big Foot again. Time may be an issue soon, but eventually I will. In the mean time, I'll content myself to stopping in every once and a while to catch up.
  6. ladysmith

    Copper pot

    You may not want to repair it if it's an antique. However, if you decide to try brazing it with phoscopper rods. It's a very close match. If you've got some experience, you can "weld" it back together with copper. Check out this site for more information: Metal Sculpture step by step instructional video series Pam
  7. Ok...my turn. Looking back, I've done a bunch of stuff, some more fun than others... environmental chemist, full-time SCA and Ren-faire vendor, owning a knife and sword themed gift store are among the fun ones. Recently, I've gone from being hurt at work to fighting my way back to a light duty position in safety (I have previous experience). Right now I'm looking at either getting an environmental safety and health coordinator position where I work, or being forced back to worker's comp. (or laid off) until I can find something elsewhere. (I should know if I'm being kept on by the end of March.) I'm applying for lots of positions (mostly safety manager types). I've had a couple of good interviews but no offer yet. If any of you hear of an open safety manager's position, let me know. (Will move for steady job.) Pam
  8. Cutlas, I live in Carlisle. Contact me, and I can pass on some local advice. Pam
  9. Pete, I check in every once and a while. The cage is easy. Here is a tutorial I found on the internet...(wish I had found this one when I was figuring it out.) I started adding a marble in the middle. They make great Christmas ornaments. Anyway here's the link: Cage Bead Tutorial Is that what you were looking for? Good luck, and I want to see picture of the end result. Pam
  10. Hi Ed! (you probably don't remember me)....For years I've seen, and at one point sold some of Ed's stuff (clear back to Phoenix Knives run by a guy with the handle of Stabby). He's one of my favorite knifemakers. He is also one of the most helpful knifemakers i know. Pam
  11. Learn to enjoy your own company. I lived by myself 24/7 (except for the occasional grocery shopping trip or Dr.'s appointment) for the better part of a year. Learning to like yourself is a prerequisite. If that doesn't work, spend as much time in chat as possible. Pam
  12. I think some cole SLAW would be good with the veal.
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