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I Forge Iron

hello from VA


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I meant to do this before,but life gets in the way you know.Where to start?I guess I started metalwork(about 7-8 years ago) cold forming,because I developed an interest in armour.This led to collecting hammers of various shapes/sizes, from flea markets and altering them for specific tasks as well as making stakes/tools. Next I started using a weedburner/firebrick because some of the pieces needed to be normalized.Then my interests went toward heavier stock. My father-in-law built me a propane burner from plumbing parts, which I currently use with said firebricks.I never know where my interests will go next,but metal seems to have held it.It's an incredible journey.

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Welcome aboard Richard, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in your header it'll save us old farts from having to rely on our memories if we're in the neighborhood and want a snack or place to nap. You'll also be surprised at how many smiths live within easy visiting range. Everybody likes playmates and it's always deeply satisfying to help a new addict down the road.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Thanks for the welcome everyone,I have waited too long to get involved here!!

Matt,I joined the CVBG a couple of years ago but my son had just been born so I have not made many meetings.They are some great guys though.Hopefully at some point I can make it up where you are for a visit.

Mark, Thanks for the welcome I am in the city of Richmond (for now).

Frosty,Hopefully I can make it to more meetings,there are so many techniques my books do not show how to do.Show me some tricks oldtimer. :)

Thomas,Nice score!! I recognize your name from the Armour Archive.I have visited there daily for the last several years,and could tell by your posts that you were blacksmith concerned.Small world.

David,Thank you for the info.I am afraid that may be a bit far for me to travel at the moment though.


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