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I Forge Iron

My first sword


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Hello everyone,
Thought I would share photos of my first sword.

It is far from perfect but it taught me a lot of thing and pointed out a lot of my weaknesses.

Some stats on the sword:
*I use a propane/firebrick forge
*the steel is car leaf spring steel
*the handle is mahogany
*the guard is a dragon from a single piece of steel
*the blade was quenched in motor oil, tempered over a charcoal fire, and a torch was applied along the spine

let me try one photo first, then more afterwards:




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it appears to weigh around 2.9 pounds. It is probably too heavy on the front end. The tip feels like it wants drop when you hold it. It feels like it would do some great cutting but would not be a great sword to carry around for a long time. The handle is thin and probably too smooth. I had a design in mind for the handle but it didn't work out.

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