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Newbie Here!

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Your best bet is to find the blacksmithing group nearest to you, attend meetings, try out the equipment that others have before purchasing any, and if at all possible take as many courses as your can afford.

If you add your approximate location to your Icon then others can help you find classes, groups and other resources near you.

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Start right here on IForgeIron.com Read the entire site, twice. Use the search engine as it is your friend.

Youtube has some good information, and some bad information, and you can not tell the difference. There is no way to edit out the mis-information or the parts what are just wrong. A slick presentation containing bad information, or a video that should have been labeled *Hey y'all, watch this !!* can and will get YOU hurt.

IForgeIron is about knowledge of the craft. If mis-information is posted it usually self corrects in the next post. IForgeIron is about safety. Your personal safety is YOUR personal responsibility to keep YOU safe. You have to learn how to do that, you have to learn what PPE personal protection equipment is needed for the work you are doing. You need to learn how to protect others where you are working, including how to protect the family dog who came to visit.

So far this post is all about keeping you safe. We have had children as young as 6 years old blacksmithing. It can be done safely, but you MUST learn how.

As David said, find a blacksmithing group near you (click here). You will learn more from the group, and faster, than you can imagine. Ask question, do your homework, practice at the forge, and return to ask more questions.

Go to IForgeIron > Blacksmithing, general discussion and read the getting started posts that have been ask and answered already.

IForgeIron is world wide. Go to your profile on this site and enter your location, This will help get you information as it relates to YOUR location.

Others will provide their comments and suggestions.

Welcome to IForgeIron.

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Welcome aboard Mailleman glad to have ya. If you'll put your general location in your header you might be delighted to discover who here may be within easy visiting distance. It'll also help us old farts so we don't have to rely on our memories when traveling and we want a snack.

Lots of info here and real smiths to answer questions.

Frosty the Lucky.

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mate grab various bits of scrap and start bashing,heaps of good folk on this site to help,check your local library for books ,use your imagination,you will find things you need and build them to suit,the hardy is open to any device ,dont loose heart and this will occur,glen

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Thanks all for your advice! :D

Living in Wi. puts you in GOM territory. There are lots of metal heads in Wi as well as lots more tools than available most places in the country. Having been ring happy more than once, I'm thinking making the move to smithing is a good one. It took me quite a while before I could look at any kind of ring without thinking about linking a bunch of em.

DRATS now I'm doing it again!

Frosty The Lucky.
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