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Finally scored a big anvil

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While we were at Stan's hammer-in, Ed Soule went with a few of the guys to the Thresherman's Show and flea market. He was looking for a good anvil. Well, when they got back, they said that the anvils that were there were not very nice and were way over priced for this area. Ed was bummed, because he was hoping to take a nice anvil home with him. Well, while they were gone, John Bennett was telling Steve McCarthy and I about a 252# Trenton that he had just picked up at a scrap yard for $105. We talked for a few minutes and John said that he'd let it go to a friend that would use it for $150. I was trying to figure out how to really quick come up with $150 and Steve said"You'd better say yes!!" With the look in his eyes, I knew that if I didn't take it NOW, Steve was going to.:) So I told him that I'd take it. Then Ed came walking up. I asked him if he was still looking for an anvil and would he be interested in my 104# Vulcan for $1.50 per pound, Or $150.00. He looked at it and said yes. BINGO. Had the money for the Trenton. I go to John's shop in Indiana on Thursday to pick it up. I will post pics as soon as I can. Thank you Ed and a very big thank you, John. I'm a happy camper!! :D

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OK. Went to John's and picked up my 250# Trenton. Man, it's a nice one! This should be all the anvil that I'll ever need, at this stage in my life.
I got directions from John, when we got fairly close to his area. Now I'm not saying anything bad about John. But he lives in the boonies!!! :rolleyes: I mean out where the chickens get real friendly with the hoot owls. :huh: Just take a look at the picture of what I found in the middle of the road, when I came around a curve. :opost-1549-0-38166200-1314233716_thumb.jp

John took a razzing on that one. :) But I sure enjoyed visiting his shop and seeing his work. The man is a true artist, and I am proud to call him my friend. :)

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I'm happy for you. My most used anvil was a 250# Trenton, which I got from a retired machinist about 35 years ago. Then, about 4 years ago, a 250# Trenton showed up at an auto junk yard @ $1.00 per pound. I now have twin Trentons!. My students use both of them. I'm presently using a 250# Rathole, a Continental pattern, not necessarily because it is better, but because I got a good deal on it. Interestingly, the hardie hole sizes are the same: 1 1/8" square.

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