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Howdy, been a long time


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Since some folks are unwilling to take the time to go down to their local post office and find a picture of me I thought I'd see if I can finally get one posted here.

This was about a year ago when I was making stake anvils from some odd shaped sledge hammer heads, I'm working on the tenon that gets riveted through the eye of the hammer head.

No this is not my shop. When I wanted to work down some 2.5" sq stock I borrowed the facilities of one of New Mexico's great professional smiths, Chris Thomson.


Name: Thomas Powers
Location: near Socorro NM
Smithing since around 1981
Been on the net since back in the bulletin board days and rec.crafts.metalworking
Strong interest in the history of ferrous metal processes, bibliophile.

Noted as possessor of the "Disreputable Red Hat"
Member of the SCA since Fall of 1978


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Thanks Thomas, now I'll have to sleep with a night light. :blink:

When I can find a pic of myself that won't scare women and kids, I'll post it. I have some sporting an IFI "T" but have to wait for my daughter to download them from her camera. Hopefully they will be from behind.

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I know I know; there have been hints that the reason I'm bearded is so that I don't have to look at myself in the mirror when shaving. (Actually it's so my *wife* has to see as little of my face as possible!)

The beard has come in handy though; now I don't have to clean up nearly so many messes from when the monster under the bed gets a good look at me when it comes out at night...I hear it's in therapy.

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well i think your picture is fab thomas - starlingly fab - i highly rate a man with a beard :rolleyes: and think all men should sport a bit of facial hair... always good to put a face to the name. maybe i will put one up sometime, although my beard is not quite so imp[ressive.. :P and rusty - thats funny - i thought there was something familiar about your photo- its the english beer!...

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